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The Support & Care for Apache Maven™ Initiative is a groundbreaking program to secure the future of the Apache Maven™ project through sustainable support and care. The initiative aims to strengthen the development and maintenance of Apache Maven through funding of contributors, thus ensuring its high quality and availability that the Java ecosystem needs.

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Our Mission

Apache Maven is a critical tool in the Java ecosystem, used by millions of developers worldwide with >100 million downloads per year. Despite its importance, Apache Maven™ is maintained primarily on a volunteer basis with no fixed financial support. Our mission is to create a sustainable source of funding to enable continuous improvements and professional support for Apache Maven™.

>100 million downloads per year

How we work

  • Funding from the Sovereign Tech Fund: The fund provides the necessary resources to finance critical development work on Apache Maven™.
  • Transparent use of funds: Open Elements manages funding transparently and reports regularly on the progress of milestones.
  • Development by experts: Our work is carried out by leading Maven experts.
Workflow of Support & Care for Apache Maven™
Workflow of Support & Care for Apache Maven™


  • Improving software quality: We ensure the reliability and performance of Apache Maven™ through professional maintenance and regular updates.
  • Community involvement: The initiative provides the community with regular updates and the opportunity to participate in the direction of project development.
  • Long-term security: With financial support from the Sovereign Tech Fund and transparent governance from Open Elements, we are planning a sustainable future for Apache Maven.

About us

Support & care for Apache Maven™ is supported by both companies and individual community members. Even though the initiative is managed and led by Open Elements, everyone involved works 100% on an equal footing. In addition to Open Elements, the French-based company Yupiik, which specializes in the development of open source software, is also involved.

Companies that contribute to Support & Care for Apache Maven™

In addition to these companies, individuals who are committed to the future of Apache Maven™ are also involved. These community members are experts in the field of Apache Maven™ and contribute their experience and knowledge to the initiative.

Individual community members of Support & Care for Apache Maven™


We will have an open milestone planning session at the JSail Unconference 2024. Until then, we are collecting ideas for milestones to be implemented using the Support & Care for Apache Maven™ resources in the discussion area of our GitHub repository. Everyone is welcome to contribute ideas for milestones or comment on existing ideas.

We also invite developers and interested parties to participate in the initiative, give feedback and become part of our community. Contact us at for more information and how you can contribute.

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