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Open Source made right

We trust in the
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of Open Collaboration!

We believe that openness and transparency create substantial value for companies, projects, and individuals. Our goal is to support our partners in establishing important concepts such as Open Source and Open Data. This strengthens core aspects of IT, such as standards and security automatically within the company. Through our work, we also promote active engagement in the IT scene and beyond.

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Open Knowledge

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The open availability of well-prepared knowledge is essential for us, therefore we share a large part of our know-how in

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professional articles

even though – or better said – because we earn our money with expertise.

The free accessibility of knowledge is very important to us, even outside of our area of expertise. Therefore, we act as a sponsor of Wikimedia.


We organize the Java User Group Dortmund and enable via sponsorship, free meetups and physical events in the metropolitan region Rhine-Ruhr. We actively participate in the management of the JavaLand conference and the Cyberland initiative. In doing so, we support the offering of free or cost-covering events in the German-speaking Java and IT scene.

Open Events

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Open Source is a matter close to our heart. We believe that software must be largely openly available in order to advance society – by, among other things, establishing open standards or enabling manufacturer independence and transparent security audits.

Therefore, we are a member of the Eclipse Foundation and also actively work with others on key projects in the Java ecosystem, such as Eclipse Adoptium and JakartaEE. Furthermore, we support small OS projects and develop core components ourselves as open source software.

Open Doors

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This puts us on an equal footing with interested applicants, existing and new customers, potential partner companies, and people for whom our main topics are of interest.

We always have an open ear for others.

Anyone can easily book a free appointment to chat with us about topics like open source and Java or discuss technical issues with us.

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Open Office

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Every employee has a 100% free choice of a workplace with us.

We want to offer all employees the most comfortable integration of working time into their individual life.

In a home office or anywhere in the world in a co-working space: for us, "open office" is not a status symbol but a lived value.

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Open Source made right


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