A short preview of the JavaOne Voting Machine



Today I want to give a short preview of the JavaOne Voting Machine that is build for this year JavaOne as a cooperative project by Canoo and Oracle.


Voting Machine devices will be placed in every room at JavaOne. By doing so attendees can directly vote for each session and the voting results will be shown on a central leaderboard.


Currently Michael Heinrichs and I manufacture and test all the devices in Silicon Valley and hope to have all of them finished with the beginning of the next week :)


Hendrik Ebbers

Hendrik Ebbers is the founder of Open Elements. He is a Java champion, a member of JSR expert groups and a JavaOne rockstar. Hendrik is a member of the Eclipse JakartaEE working group (WG) and the Eclipse Adoptium WG. In addition, Hendrik Ebbers is a member of the Board of Directors of the Eclipse Foundation.

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